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Most sclerosis shows the worst possible side effects of adolescents. Deia, Bizkaia News

Nekane Lauzirika report – Updated December 31, 2018, Monday to 07:12

L Multiple sclerosis (MS) is not infectious or mortal, but its current spread in Spain is 70-80 per 100,000 people, about 47,000 people suffer, and about 1,800 new cases per year are recorded. Pathology is associated with total loss of body and cognitive function, and there is no cure for it. It is diagnosed in 70% of cases aged 20 to 40, which is the second reason for the incidence of illnesses and disability in the country.

In November last year at the last annual Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), specialists were concentrated on pediatric sclerosis, which ranged from 18 to 10%. In patients with this chronic illness, the first symptoms of childhood, especially between the ages of 10 and 17, are observed. It is active in the age groups and causes two to three times more illness than adult patients. In addition, it is recommended that children and adolescents recover about 98% of MCs in the form of relapse recurrence, characterized by attacks of symptoms deterioration and subsequent remission stages. or completely.

The adverse effects, memory, and mentality of the results in the engine system make it clear that pediatric patients often cause childhood and adolescents to feel isolated and lonely.

The clinical history of the disease in these pediatric patients has shown that experts have better predictions than adults. But there is nothing wrong with the truth. Research on neurologists in the MS shows that young adults are as important as adults.

loss of balanceEmma is distinguished by the diagnosis of this illness, which is formed by thousands, at the age of 32. He started tired, balanced, and began with cognitive changes. He went to the family doctor and sent it to the specialist. After various tests, there was a mortal diagnosis. When he was suffering, he did not experience stress and the bad times he was in. Anna suffered multiple sclerosis. "It was a blow, the world was united. The truth is that I almost did not hear the illness, and did not know that personal and business impact on my life, refer to a specialist who replenishes what I need to know about the disease, I had to live as normal as possible, and had to interact with the patients to socialize with me.

This young Alava is happy because it is a diagnosis of the disease that is compatible with the arrival of new treatments that change the development of multiple sclerosis. "Ten years ago this was synonymous with a wheelchair, so it was the first thing that came to your mind when you talked about it, but it's been a great success right now," he said, knowing about the limitations.

As the MS cases increase, the proportion of women with her illness increases so the probability of a woman suffering from the disease is 3.2% of the 1,4% of the first studies.

But if these young adults extend neurological pathology, this is also true in pediatric patients. Dr. Mar María Bilbao, a neuropathologist at the Medical Hospital, acknowledges the social and family effects of the illness. "Children can learn from the very beginning and get cognitive problems, which affects their lifestyle, making it difficult to complicate depression and treatment. In addition, at this stage of life teenage brains are not imperfect, fully developed, and the immune system responds differently. "

and control Similarly, Dr. Ignacio Málaga Diego, of the University of Asturias, Central University Hospital in Astoria, raised and challenged topical issues of pediatric management, since a child / adolescent learns the "foolish state" as well as the knowledge that most of the specialists are well informed about the illness. Also, experts admit that they have abandoned a very limited diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal for the use of pictorial techniques and many medicines that are more comprehensive, safe and effective, "he said with satisfaction.

It's like the rest of the Novartis Symposium for the expert Young people have multiple sclerosis: the mission is impossibleIt is difficult to control pathology within the SEN Congress, but it pays special attention to personalization of its management.

"MS males in children are aggressive, but they are well under repair. But this power is exhausted, and finally, disability will arise. That's why it's important to start young people as soon as possible to avoid disability, "explained Mar Tingore, the Multiple Sclerosis Center (CEMCAT). An Effective Disease Modifier (TME) for controlling its activities. Paradigms, for the first time controlled and randomized, especially for children and adolescents (10-17 years of age), recycling MS.

new clinical trialsFor the sake of the expert, Mars Mendy was in full compliance with the Cruces Hospital before and after the management of pediatric MS patients, because "in recent childhood pathology, we have no genuine support for clinical trials and extrapolated data from adults and they have been used in small groups of adults based, "and it was not particularly thoughtful," he said.

In this case, an expert supports clinical trials in pediatric patients. "They are in every need to find new options or better therapy." According to Tintore, other areas of research will be focused on studying MS predictive factors. Experts predict the occurrence of childhood illness and disability, as well as research on different biomarkers, helping patients to identify the most aggressive MSS, sooner or later. «

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