Monday , June 14 2021

New confessions of Benjamin in Paco de Sangre create a series of spectators TV and Show

This Tuesday night, a new chapter in night television series 13 was released Blood harmony, you can see it Benjamin becomes the greatest tragedy in history.

The fact is that the hero of Alvar Espinoza, Karina (Antonia Gisen), was stolen, The young man was killed by the young Daniel Solis (Antonia Boman).

After giving a seductive young woman, the doctor told her that I gave the dead girl a pregnancy, he worked as dancer and escort.

In this regard, she, in her words, has always been harassed by her daughter Trinidad (Ignacio Beza) and her family members. For this reason, He paid 100 million pesos to him.

Thus, Benjamin and Daniela know each other until the Pablo Cerda bachelor party is in the commune of Zapalat.

A week ago, the heroine of Espinoza recognized Karina as "El Roho", previously unknown to Soliz.

Night life of 13 channels has become more attractive in social networks.

This is some of Twitter's reactions.

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