Monday , September 27 2021

New record: Bird Box has watched 45 million Netflix accounts for the week for TV and Show

New Netflix movie Bird's Box It was a great success for the platform Streaming break all records.

The production began with Sandra Bullock over 45 million services were registered within one week, which was confirmed by Twitter.

"This morning I took my mark on the morning and saw 45,037,124 Netflix accounts Bird's Box. The first seven days for the Netflix movie were good. "

The film released on December 21, Bullock, makes a woman trying to survive with two children to suicide if they are seen directly in the world after an invisible threat.

The film attracts even the attention of social networks Stephen King, the definition of terror in the world endorsed it and protected it from specialized criticism.

"I was completely surprised Bird's Box (Netflix). In addition to the premiere in cinemas, Ignore criticism, which is a result of a uniform view of the streaming platform, "he wrote on Twitter.

"The critics are afraid of the fearsome PN: Prejudice to Netfllix"he said.

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