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New Year 2019 – WhatsApp welcomes and congratulates the original Life

Simple "New Year – 2019" can not be judged. WhatsApp has made the most interesting and original phrases to congratulate your friends and family in the new 2019 year.

It will end in 2018 and it's time to get a good assortment WhatsApp is a funny and original phrase to congratulate New Year 2019 and should not be monotonized in the same way as in the past year.

With WhatsApp you no longer have to make use of the old excuse that networks are not saturated We congratulate the New Year in 2019, so you need a good repertoire to send to your friends and family.

If you also choose WhatsApp is the most exciting and special phrase to congratulate the New Year in 2017, you smile when you send it, so the rewards will be even greater.

All good people are not bad, goodbye to the New Year is always done between parties and fun games. Welcome to good humor until 2018, and it is always a great idea to share with you and to face the new year, Objectives for 2019.

We open some of them WhatsApp is the best funny and original compliment to congratulate the 2019 New Year.

Phrases for congratulating your friends on New Year's Eve

WhatsApp phrase for congratulating the new 2019 year
  • He changes the year, changes his dreams, changes his goals, changes his outward appearance, but he never changes his friends. It's a wonderful year!
  • Friends are like the Civil War Guard, but you do not see them, they always exist. Happy New Year!
  • Ask for a slim body and a purse for the New Year! Do not be confused as it was last year!
  • I want to congratulate you on New Year, 2020! 😉
  • My goal for 2019 is to achieve the goals of 2018, which he found in 2017.
  • At present, 66,000 people are engaged in love, 15,820 have ended, 19,965 have started, 28,819 are full of joy and WhatsApp has only one learning message. Hurry up!
  • I have read yours the forecast in 2019HEALTH, the stars will laugh at you. PAST, the stars will laugh at you. SEX, stars are dezodonan. Happy 2019!
  • In the new 2019, you will have the toothbrush life: a lot of paste, a good handle and a brush three times a day. Happy New Year!
  • By sharing God's skills, he has loved my friends and has a good memory, so happy Easter and Happy 1824.
  • Congratulations on the new 2019! Pray that Good New Year's Eve and Magy do not learn to watch your browsing history
  • Do MPs reduce wages and go to work? Are Corruption Offenders Compatible? What is a Lottery? Hey, that's it New Year's wishes and wishes They need to be real. Happy 2019!
  • Your carrier adjusts your rates to your sexual life: fewer sex, the less you pay. Congratulations, your next call will be free for the next year!

Fun phrases to congratulate your New Year with family

WhatsApp phrase for congratulating the new 2019 year
  • I offered to send a special thing to Christmas, but I have a little problem … How do you hug and grow a big sprout? Happy New Year!
  • I wish you all the water for the New Year, how much the stars love the sky and the sky, and wish them a lot of happiness as sandy deserts. Happy 2019!
  • For New Year's Evening … Will your mobile phone go right or left? Happy 2019!
  • In May of this year you will find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need. Things you can not find: Search for it on Google!
  • The family is the greatest treasure in the world, and I feel at ease in the beginning of the year. Happy 2019!
  • The new 2019 is happy, even my soul. I can allow myself to put this here because it does not use WhatsApp.

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