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Nicholas Lopez's lawyer is convinced that his accusation will prove false. Show and Culture


Nicholas Lopez's lawyer is convinced that the charges against him are false

Paula Vial made a statement after the filmmaker was presented to the prosecution for proof. Tvn


Then it is Nicolás López attends the Oriente attorney In connection with allegations of sexual violence, his lawyer, Paula Vial, made a statement confirming the innocence of his client, There is enough evidence to prove that the evidence is false.

According to the lawyer, he was sued more than a thousand audio and WhatsApp interviews then his client will prove that the crimes included therein are innocent.

"Nicolas delivered the evidence supporting his arguments, and argued that allegations against him were fraudulent or deformed," Vial said.

"This material is made up of thousands of WhatsApp messages and audio among my client and his accusers, and this proves that my client is not sexually explicit." professional in the document.

He also showed that the products of these evidences were persecuted He decided to extend the application for another day.

"From the first day we demanded his innocence and today we repeat: Nicholas Lopez is not guilty of the facts used against him," said the lawyer.

Let us recall, that the director of the movies "Shame on your life" and "I'm not foolish" accuse some actress of sexually abusive and wrong behavior.

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