Monday , September 27 2021

Nokia 9 is the first official release of Evan Blass

His Nokia 9 we have been told that it has become mythic animals with a saturated spot. We had heard about it for the first time in 2017, and since then it seemed to be repeated.

No one surprises us, because we have five cameras on the back, since we see them filtered in infinite photographs of unofficial deaths and drawings for a year, but we still do not see it in all glory. This is the first official idea of ​​Nokia's new flagship, if we believe in our eyes Evan Blass (usually this is true, everything is said).

The most popular flagship

Previously, we were able to evaluate its design from CAD files with the correct dimensions, but on the basis of the theory of OnLeak, but it gives you idea of ​​approximation of the final design, its limitations. If you want to know how Nokia 9 works, this video is still up to date more robust modernization, and good quality.


In the picture, you can preview the big screen (5.9 inches and QHD theory) there is nothing and the upper and lower edges of the old school. The fingerprint reader It seems to be merge under the screen.

The dates in the photos are never accidental and they usually indicate the date when the terminal is displayed. Now October 1 It arrives on Monday, 2018, and is not in 2019, so it could be an old photo when it was scheduled to be presented in October. Who knows when they have made some changes without delay?

There are seven holes in the back five cameras we still do not have technical specifications and do not understand too much of the official image. They are organized in the same way as the first prototype they saw in September, but are expected to be presented at the end of the terminal. Mobile World Congress.

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