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Norway, Portugal and Costa Rica create 100% wind, sun, hydroelectric pure energy – ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI


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In 2018, the two countries will be 100% renowned for a reputable club, at least annually, united by the countries of Norway and Portugal.


Portugal has been reinforcing investments in renewable energy over a long period of time, and these efforts have resulted in strong and irreversible results. The renewable energy source of Portugal's renewable energy association in March has reached 103.6% of the country's total demand. More than anything I need. 55.5% of these percentages are hydroelectric and 40.2% wind, and the remaining percent corresponds to solar energy.

How much will renewable energy not benefit? Yes, yes! The country saved 21 million euros, and the planet rescued 1.8 million tons of carbon emissions.



This year, Norway has developed some of the most important projects, with 100% to 98% of the net production, thanks to hydroelectric power plants with more than 96% of the new technologies used. Two-four percent come from wind, sun and bioenergy. Norway also promotes the development of green vehicles, where another world record has been achieved, and at least one decade has been recommended for queues at least for electric motors.


Costa Rica

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By 2017, 300 days of 100% renewable energy have been achieved thanks to the country's hydropower projects. In 2018, the new president of the country announced the ban on fossil fuels stimulating hybrids, electric and other permanent alternatives. Costa Rica has been talking about clean energy for more than 30 years, as it has been said about the construction of sandy beaches, but has been proven by today, and has achieved great successes outside of promises and good intentions.

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This small country of 3.4 million people has attracted the full potential of their rivers to hydroelectric power and has invested 3% of GDP in structural reform to achieve energy independence every year, to reduce drought and reduce environmental degradation. "The XXI Clean Energy" says that over the past six years, Uruguay has invested more than $ 22 billion into sustainable energy and now it is emerging as a regional leader. The country has unique winds where it is used most in the production of pure energy. Note that this does not mean that you do not use sunlight or biogas.

Iceland and Lesotho

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Lesotho Power Plants: In 1998 a hydroelectric power station was opened in South Africa that would provide electricity and water. The country produces about 90% of the energy needed, the country's small industry is based on the rebuilding of agricultural products and clothing. Lesotho can recover by 100% due to hydroelectricity, but it is also droughty when buying energy from other neighboring countries. The process to be upgraded should unite and move forward.

Iceland Volcanoes: Iceland's energy is based on renewable energy sources. In 2011, 65 444 GW of primary energy was generated in the country, of which 85% were derived from local renewable energy sources. Geothermal energy of the volcanoes was 66.3% of the original energy, which was supplemented by 19.1% of hydroelectric and other sources. The electricity generated in 2013 amounted to 18,116 GW, generated by almost 100% of the renewable energy sources, which exceeded 99% in 1982, and since then almost everything has changed. The main use of geothermal energy is the heating of buildings, which accounts for 45.4% of total geothermal consumption and 38.8% of electricity production. Approximately 85% of homes in the country are heated by this energy.

This route is not easy, there are many interests, especially large oil companies. Now, there is no obstacle to stopping renewable energy sources. They all have a new place in Spain, Argentina and Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Brazil.



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