Sunday , June 20 2021

On December 12, classic classics will be added to the adventures of Ninja Gaiden, Wario & Woods & Lolo

Big N Company introduces Switch Day of the third set of NES classics: within seven days all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will enjoy Nina Gaiden, Vario Woods and Lolo's Events no additional costs will be incurred

Three Precious Stones of the 8th Stage, among them the name Tecmo (renamed Shadow warriors European territory), which is the most demanding month of the month, which offers a platformer's chair offering.

The game party is strengthened by two logical themes: Wario Woods and Lolo's Events Two different ways to understand puzzles are offered, and the first two combine successfully as different Tetris and Super Mario Bros. 2, there are many other pages to solve scenarios.

As a preliminary review, you have two official reviews (Japanese version gameplay) triple offer nintendera.

Additionally, this is the only thing that comes with the three classic releases. Especially if the previous two versions of the legend of Zelda and Gradius have been added to the game set.

However, the interesting thing is that it consists of three classics The list of published names will be closed. From now on, we need to think about how good the NES games are for the switch.

This should be remembered for pleasure 26 NES classics are available on the Switch serviceas well as the future, with the Nintendo Switch Online service available at 3.99 euros per month, 7.99 euros for 90 days or 19.99 euros, as well as online gaming and online storage.

Now available in NES for half a week to catch half the games: Ryo Hayabusa, Wario and Lolo The switch will be debuted next December 12.


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