Wednesday , June 23 2021

One of the first is later: if you have obesity, you will have diabetes


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On November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated, which is one of the growing diseases worldwide in recent years. Although they are capable of knowing, preventing and treating health effects, they do not disappear: treatment of overweight and obesity before diabetes treatment is essential.

Diabetes mellitus is a pandemic due to the pandemic of obesity […]. To date, 10% [de la población mundial] It is suffering from diabetes but with over 60% overweight and / or obesity, "said Marsella de la Plaza, Nutritionist and Diabetes Specialist at Sputnik," the most common diseases in all medicine. "

The physician refers to 2 types of diabetes: insulin-dependent, worldwide, often seen in adult life-style and nutritionally poor habits.

This type of diabetes is the second cause of death in Mexico: about 100,000 people die each year from the disease. In the ranking of the countries with the highest levels of obesity and diabetes in Latin America, this figure is in the first place.

Nevertheless, De la Plaza has shown that other countries will soon reach the Mexican level due to the exponential growth of disease worldwide.

In addition, Latin America has made a mistake to reduce inequality

De la Plaza explains that there are terrible effects that affect the health of diabetes (from hemorrhage to hemodialysis and death), and the treatment of a relative healthy lifestyle. The doctors are undergoing very poor training.

"Diabetes mellitus, which has a very good treatment method for healing and developing diseases, but not everything is well cured … doctors are very poorly accustomed […] all illnesses such as obesity and diabetes, "he warned.

De la Plaza, in turn, said for preventive treatment and treatment: "It is a family disease that people with diabetes will suffer from depression and will end one leg. amputated or blind, and today all the complications of diabetes can be avoided and treated, "he said.

Nevertheless, the doctor is "one of the most important things that is happening today" – two types of type 2 diabetes mellitus present in children with obesity.

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