Friday , October 7 2022

Opposition condemns the government following Erkida's death: Requests for comment National


On this day, Several parliamentarians have succumbed to the death of the Capua Comuna After being injured after being injured in a tactical team of the Carabineros group, called the "Jungle Commander", in the Ercilla community in the province of Malleco.

Victim Camilo Catrillanca Marín, 24 years old, he died in an unclear state.

One of the applications was from a member of the Socialist Party (SD), a representative of the Mapuche people of the Osorno Province, Emilia Nueva, who heads the region " use of power and ask for more information about how. «

He says that the situation is "sorry and the government explains that this police procedure has risen to this level, and we regret the coma's death."

Also, Andrea Parra of the Democratic Party (PPD), they were very concerned and We are all afraid and warned If the jungle coma is installed (…), one is dead.

On the other hand, Miguel Meldodo, a deputy of the National Reform (PN), was on his way to the Carabineros tactical group "He Performs Perfectly in His Dignity" and in that case he will continue to open such criminal offenses.

Also Christian Christian Democrat Senator Francisco Henchumilla, only Radio He said about the situation: "It is because of the fact that the jungle teams are in their organization, totally incompatible with their weapons and training. The government must respond to this death, "he said.

Hengumilla asserted that this decision would inevitably lead to such situations and that "there is a political responsibility, The government should accept and respond to citizenship ".

From Wide front There was also a public declaration by the mayor of La Araucania, Luiz Mayal, who had to resign among other requests.


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