Wednesday , June 23 2021

Pablo Vargas wins Rojo at Rodrigo Diaz: "It's up to me" | TV and Show

Dancer and entrepreneur Pablo Vargas appeared again Red After a few years, he has been away from the TV. Along with performing on the stage, he remembered his time in the first season of talent space.

He recently met Rodrigo Díaz, eventually reached the cosmos, it was anger of Vargas, he hugged his colleague and retired from television.

"I will win, but I am sure that I will participate. I think it was a personal disappointment, but with my colleagues it was always nice. Anger was personal, it did not exist, in particular " he said.

Shooting TVN
Shooting TVN

In addition, the artist showed that at the time he was accompanied by his colleagues from the Chilean folklore ballet, it was not the most convenient.

"For my taste, I know that the editors are not final. She has come this week with very good jobs Perhaps I chose the worst music and played against me, he explained.

It should be noted that this season Red it determines who the finalists are in a process that does not involve conflict with the permissions of the participants in the previous cycle.

What will be the final date for TVN talent program singers and dancers finalists?

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