Saturday , June 19 2021

Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Ardonenna say that Luis Gneecco is "cowardly, ruthetic, and vulnerable."

In a new edition of Sin Límite de Radio Agricultura, Patricia Maldonado and Racquel Argonne have criticized a "double standard" that has a group of actors in Chile.

They were unable to talk about the case of southern Mauricio Pesuthic, who had been detained for spoiling a portion of this union, but warned them "if they were attacked."

An actor Luiz Gneekko, who claims that Maldonado is "a poor man walking alone for life, no one likes it," is an example of why "he is an inexperienced, unhappy, unkempt and horrifying attacker on the two wives of the third generation."

Patricia and Racquel are accusing actors of opposing a campaign against violence against women, but do not hesitate to attack them.

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