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Returning to a newly purchased item is easier thanks to the Internet. In fact, merchants are required to provide this right, but what about the clients who usually change everything they buy?

Call "Wardrobe buyer" Buy and refund everything thoroughly. This is a growing number of problems for a growing client profile and some business challenges in recent years.

This profile is from Harriet Gordon.

She is a 28-year-old advisor on human resources in London, UK, and acknowledges that she holds only half of the online purchases.

Usually this happens around 500 US dollars per month, but it returns articles that cost $ 250.

This is because the garment does not look awkward, or because the color or fabric does not have a connection with the photo to make sure the product is purchased online.

"You will see models that wear fantastic views," she explains They do not look the same at testing.

Most stores you buy will help you process the process that you want to return home.

Trial and discard

Despite being employed in London's central and commercial areas, Garrido Gordon believes it's much easier to buy online so avoid the turns and stresses of any store.

It looks like the Hesterggerger, who bought a 41-year-old woman seven wedding dresses on the site The basis, one of the world's most popular online stores.

Hester Gringer
According to Hester Gringer, he returns everything he can buy.

I knew I would be with someone else, but I wanted to make sure it was right.

It was not a special event. When it's needed for New Texas, Ask for five pairs, then select one.

Overall, she calculates that she spends about $ 480-510 on a monthly basis, but she does not normally be worth $ 90 or $ 100 at the end of the money.

"I spend hundreds of dollars a few dollars a month from different stores, but I'll pay about 80%," she said.

Hester, founder of Mumala Club, platform online It's a habit for your parents to buy it depends on its short term.

It is measured at a height of 1.5 meters and it is difficult to know how useful a thing is, and often often ask three dimensions of that substance.

A woman with a bag
Some studies speed up our heart when we buy it.


Customers, such as Harriet and Hester, are unusual.

A recent Barclaycard multinational credit card vendor, who has analyzed nearly half of the debit and credit transactions in the United Kingdom, saw a quarter of retailers see an increase in revenues over the past two years.

In the case of clothing and footwear stores, consumers buy half the items they buy.

Social networksHelps raise the trend: Approves about 10% of buyers by itself Retrieve a new article for Instagram or Facebook and then refund your purchase.

Jeff Bati, a professor of psychology at the Edg Hill University in England, is surprised to see that the number of returns is even smaller.

According to her research our pulsation accelerates This emotion goes on until you go home and show it, but then it quickly disappears and we waste money or we regret to wear it. So we'll get it back, "she explains.

"What's going on is the most interesting part of the entire process," he told the BBC.

Hester Gringer
Hester says: Shorter periods make it difficult to buy clothes in a short time.

The growth of online stores increases this habit "There Will Be No Innocence or Shame" or too much commentary on the need to give an expert.

Also, it is called Big Discounts, such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday «Buy panic», which often depends on the compromise on the part of the buyer.

The question for the shops

Returns not only shipping costs, but also packing and cleaning. They are also designed to save time.

If the item is not available, it may be because it is returned. And some shops do not have to ask for more than the prospective buyer.

Another question fashion fashion. An item can be sold at the time of its return, ie the store can not sell it at the original price.

This will do some traders raise the price. According to Barclaycard, about a third of them in the UK do this.

Amazon Store
There are problems with the "wardrobe buyers" in the Amazon.

Facts that are incurred by all costs to ensure sales during sales are facilitating the return of items without paying additional services to consumers. Sometimes they even offer the option "Try it out before paying back".

Many people use the system's benefits.

But some companies are struggling with this issue. Internet giant Amazon, For example, it started Block overlapping consumers.

"We want everyone to use Amazon, but sometimes people do not use our services for a long time," The Wall Street Journal reported.

Other companies comply with its model.

Understand customers

Nevertheless, Vounce Brock, Data Return and Innovation Director, eBound Returns, relies on the software backbone, believes that people often return bad clients.

Brock believes that a small percentage of buyers will benefit the most, but this group includes the best and worst clients.

"By vetoing buyers, by returning items, it monitors the cost of each client several times, he does not understand the behavior of his clients"he says.

Wiki Brock
Vicky Brock says that people who frequently return their products are not bad customers.

In the meantime, there are data indicating how much the buyer orders are processed, and how much returns the orders are.

Giving you good online clothing and more accurate measurements – shops are one of the ways to reduce the number of revenue from stores, experts say.

Some companies exist in companies such as Uniqlo and Asos past purchases based recommendations and also get information about customer's weight and height.

Another version is personalized marketing management. For example, if the customer remains in pants and always returns shoes, ads only come first.

According to Wiki Broke, shops need urgent action in response to this trend.

Buyers, such as Hester, have no intention of changing their behavior. "I do not regret traders, they are part of the problem because they offer free or very cheap refunds. They need to improve the dimensionshe explained.

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