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Persona 5 animation will have a new specialist in March

Persona 5 animation will be new in March

December 31, 2018 / Anime

After release of the first special "Persona 5" animation, the new release "Dark Sun" was published.

On December 30, Aniplex hosted the first special exhibition Persona 5 Animation: Black Sun, and immediately after the end of this special edition has published The new special edition will be released in March.

A new special invitation has been invoked Persona 5 Animation: stars and ours it will be the second of the two planned special animations for the animation, and although it is not three months to release it, already has one owner.

According to the description provided by the site Man with 5 animations, it is synopsis Stars and ours:

"Phantom Thieves, a master of all things, has been successfully changed. However, the reaction of the public was not expected. In order to prevent the distortion of the universe and to ensure justice in his opinion, Rhen has reached the final battle with "Phantom Heartbreakers."

In addition, some of these online special online specials before the official announcement.

Finally, on May 29, a new episode of animation was not released.

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