Sunday , August 7 2022

Pinera on resignation from Orengo TVN: "Do not break the day"


"Do not break my day". This was a coup d'etat chosen by the President of the Republic, Sebastian Pinera, who denied the resignation of the National Television Director Francisco Orrega.

Pinera conducted a tennis master class with tennis as part of a new city intervention in the Open Space Program of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first thing to do is refer to the Budget Dispatched today, and then advised on the crisis situation in which the public has suffered because of the resignation of the elected President of the Government. His answer is, "Today we are in the center of beauty, sport, tennis, do not destroy my day, thank you," he said.

The reaction of the President has surprised La Moneda, leaving Orrego. The representative was appointed on April 10 and in eight months it was due to the heavy financial crisis and the lack of capitalization to the station. Finally, he decided to leave and announced in a letter to President Sebastian Pinera last Monday.

According to the motto of El Mercury, Orrego decided to refuse to issue a signal that the necessary changes to prevent the crisis.

"The TVN management, as it is in the hands of the people who brought it to the contemporary crisis, is unlikely that this channel can be promoted, and the power of the administration will be ineffective, as the current law gives the administration, especially the executive, virtually unstable," Orrego said.

"I retired because I found the administration of $ 25 million worth of government funding unusual and unsafe, as it gives simultaneously many faculty members true faculties. proposed to radically change the channel management or to increase transparency in the use of resources, "the letter said.

Please note that at the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Finance has approved $ 22.3 million for special television broadcasts.

"He Wicked Out the Most Boredeous Things"

One of the first reactions to this outbreak was the question of the role of Consuelo Saavedra Orrego, a spokeswoman for state television.

"Francisco Orrego has done the worst thing he really thinks of a lack of leadership," said a member of the board of directors and public channel.

In the Saudedra radio program Hablemos in Off, Saavedra says, "Everything that he describes – when he comes to office knows what quorum is supposed to do to remove the administration, the executive director of this channel has nothing to do with it, the design of the definition, how it came to the board, (…) he knows that the constitution will come from the Senate, and he says he is currently testing the unchanging and does not allow the law to change.

The channel's press release also commented on Orrego's departure, saying that the disappearance of Francisco Orrego's TVN Council (on the press) on Twitter – has no obligation to investigate the board of directors for dialogue and public television. Lose Channel, Hundreds of Jobs, and Be Guilty of Abusing the Law ".

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