Saturday , June 3 2023

Pinera to Auschwan on deadly clashes in Katrina


A week after the death of a member of the Association of Mapuco Camillo Catherine, and after the political crisis in the administration of Sebastian Pinera for the carnage of Carabineros, the tension in the country was far behind.

The streets, roads, streets, fire attacks and school buildings were included in the script of the newly appointed Mayor Jorge Atton yesterday.

The authorities arrived at the airport in full calm and were not shown to the waiting mass media. He and two provincial governors grabbed La-Arucania's hands and then went on a bicycle.

According to the mayor of the city, he first of all explained that the regional situation should be turned into internal policy.

"I thank you for the greetings, but I want to talk tomorrow, and now I do not meet Gore, I'm going to meet all the teams, so I'll talk to him," he asked.

There was too much violence, and that's all. We should not confuse ourselves, fight crime, and fight terrorism within the law, but this is the third point with all the power of the law.

– Sebastian Piñera from Jorge Atton

At Sant Santiago was not alone. He was with Palacio de la Moneda advisers, realizing that he was going to head the crisis zone and cooperating with his team.

Several hours before the visit to the city of Temuco, President Sebastian Pinera and Interior Minister Andre Chadwick were the president of cyber-security liberalization.

The meeting lasted an hour and 20 minutes, analyzing what had happened since Camilo Catrillanca's death, but other issues, such as budgeting and political work, inherited from Louis IOL.

At the beginning of the meeting and before the television cameras, the President thanked for his intention.

"I thank you. I think this is a very demanding, demanding but at the same time a great mission. For someone born and educated in the La Araucania region, it will return what you have returned to your area, "he said.

Then Pinera Echhenik explained three main axes that she should serve as her Intendente. Implementing the plan of Imillas Aureliana due to the region's productivity; sought to deepen cultural heritage in the region and to combat crime and terrorism under the law.

Mayor Jorge Atton responded to the President's remarks: they supported her by the central government.

"Thank you very much, chairman. I know this question, I have talked to you and the minister. I know the people of the region, we need to restore confidence, restore dialogue and strengthen it. I ask all the support of the central government, "the mayor asked.

Sebastian Pinera, when she arrived at Temuco nine in the morning, decided yesterday.

It was decided that the Palace should go to the region to inform the Head of State that this decision was made by distinguishing himself with the previous government and political situation and that they had reached La-Araucania in minutes.

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