Monday , June 5 2023

Plá accuses foreign journalist of discrimination while attending Magallanes: Seremi rejects phrase


This Saturday, Patrasia's McNeney's Woman and Gender Equality Representatives in Magallan denied the verdict of Isabelle Plate when she was passing through Punta Arenas.

"This Colombian does nothing". These words are the words of the Minister on Thursday and answered Magallanes Journalists Association magazine.

This questioned a professional woman about the possible reduction of resources to prevent gender violence, completing the plan in the press, and showing the phrase when she retired.

Through public statement, The trade union rejected the transaction and "We can not accept the fact that our partnership is not sufficiently discriminatory The power of the local TV channel "ITV Patagonia", in other words, the task of protecting it.

"In such cases it is strong and important if it is difficult to talk about defending and respect," they said.

Considering this, according to El Pinguino, Seremi "The Minister answered all the questions in the local press and never used the passphrase to confirm the information portal. to refuse personal access to any journalist. "

"We are sorry to see some of the members of the president's cabinet, Sebastien Piñier, throwing off our visit to the region, and curious about the spread of fraud," La Seremi said.

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