Friday , January 27 2023

Playoffs Third B: Deportes Concepción was strong against Rodelindo Román at home


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Sports Concept he announced the location on Saturday Roman was defeated by a 1-0 win, in Forthcoming quarter-finals of the third division.

At the stadium 8,849 spectators saw "Esther Ro", the local team initiated the Santiago squad and quickly identified the differences.

To whom 6 minutes, A combination between Cerda and Sepúlveda Matt Lagos, opens the door to the goalkeeper and opens the lilac euphoria of fans.

In the following minutes, Rodelindo was close to the 21st minute, trying to find the equalizer. In addition to Castillon, the local rival forced him to engage in a violent attack on the river in the River Rivera.

The appendix had the visitor's attempts, but the ColloLion could increase numbers with events that did not know the benefits of Cerda, Benavente and Albornoz.

Thus, the end of the match, thanks to the Deportes Concepción victory, allowed him to distinguish between the revenge surface and will play next weekend in Santiago and will be classified into the semifinals of the tournament.

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