Monday , September 27 2021

Quinteros is a list of models

"My teams are always trying to play soccer like a local or a visitor." So he describes it Third Gustavo Kinteros is a game idea that attempts to go to Catholic University and its new club.

As a trainer, Argentinian nationalized Bolivia tried to translate into national teams in Bolivia, Ecuador and Ecuador. And if there are many or fewer achievements, the truth will at least bring it to the point where it will show its personal stamps.

"Gustavo always starts his team by order, and no one else. And always try on that task, and it is something that you like to play in groups. This, of course, is a priority, "says Gerber Corengia, a former assistant to the Echodree Kinniteros and two Arab clubs.

In this sense, those who work with or work on it explain that their systems are similar to those used by San Jose, as well as the fastest outside leaflets, as well as the two "9", as well as the two central midfielder Ecuador, who have four defensive lines. Or, if so, you will use 4-2-3-1, which will change to 4-4-1-1 at the time of protection.

Ronald Ralds, a former defender and director of Bolivia, Chinteros, agrees, "the teams that have a strategic position are starting to protect themselves from self-defense and have many orders."

"There is no difference with Binat, but there are several options that have been attacked by the ball and are not limited to individuality," said Francisco Perez, INAF's coach. Now he is engaged in analyzing football through the Tactical Concept.

Experts agree that the new student trainer is deeply concerned about the defensive control and follows a lot of orders and then focuses on the attack. They also need to have the right translators to implement the idea, and they work with fast-paced players. "As Gustavo suggests, it is always possible to think of humiliation; the general idea is offensive. Try a lot to play in the opposite field, "adds Corigy.

According to Perez, "it is important to find foreigners who need to make a full trip". On paper, what he likes to do with Kinteros is that he can resist each other, protecting the line with the help of fast players, indicator or outer slacks supporting the breaking of the sides, thus ensuring the qualification of the visitors. In this sense, it is important for the remaining signatures to suit the best playing conditions.

"Gustavo almost always strives to play at home or at home, in front of an opponent, big or small," explained his former assistant.

It's worth mentioning that the ball is restored, Ralda remembers that he liked the previous strategy, without a ball, "could not go up to a competitive environment." "In general, we did it in the middle zone, and when we recovered, we have tried to make a difference."

Corinne then outlines his former head, Benat San Jose: "San Jose may be different depending on the competitor, or if he or she is not available or local. Gustavo always wants to use stories, stories and stories about us. He will always do his best to overcome his idea. «

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