Sunday , August 14 2022

Reducing costs on mobile phones: how it works and who will benefit


Significant drop in prices mobile phone users Represents the Government's proposal Opposition and Conflict Report, which he values Reduction to 80% access fees.

This project has been designed for years 2019 and 2024, "We expect a reduction in telecommunication costs for certain calls and the company's lower price to the end user at a lower price.", he assured him Pamela Gidi, Telecommunication Consultant, a Cooperative Radio.

In addition, "Subtel" launches the Internet Consumer Calculator despite the large growth of mobile data traffic

But who will be the biggest beneficiary of this offer? This is what Gidi says Prepaid mobile phone users and calls from devices attached to mobile phones.

First, they coincide 60% about 23 million mobile phone users may stop talking From 40 to 60 minutes per month Save that speed.

It is recently evaluated price per minute It can be economical.

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