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Renault and Nissan could live independently?


New Scenario

The President of this union, which has already been in two decades, has helped companies save about $ 6 billion last year.

Carlos Gosn is no longer the president of Renault Nissan Alliance. Last Thursday, the Japanese manufacturer released the company's president. A few days ago, Reno dismissed him, but left him the company and left the company and now holds the company's Thierry Bolloré, the company's chief executive.

On the other hand, Hiroto Sacawa heads a company that has been a General Director of Nissan a year ago. Japanese Japanese; French at Renault. The Japanese government does not want to integrate; or the French who have gained more authority in the Nissan Diamond logo.

After completing the Strategic Plan, Gosn, who planned to complete the group by 2022, has lately attempted to unite the Alliance. This was abandoned by Emmanuel Macron and Shinzo Abe; The Renault Nissan Alliance has been officially listed on the Mexican Expansión website, although the two governments are willing to continue to cooperate without disclosing their president's tax fraud.

Nissan Carlos Gosny has been a revolt that has been investigating for several months without informing Renault CEOs, and the truth is that Japan has been heavily dependent on the decisions of the Alliance for more than five years.

Renault purchases 43.4% of Nissan. It is entitled to vote and veto with its maximum shareholder and the Japanese Council. The second shareholder – the State Pension Fund of Japan – 5,28%.

Nissan owns 15% of the Renault, but without the right to vote. This is not her biggest shareholder. This is 15.01% of the capital of the French state.

After Renault based on Florence Act, the Japanese felt that they were selling it, leaving Nissan no one. According to this rule, if the shareholder has been in the company for two years, he / she will repeat their voting rights in the board, and their presence will not need to be increased. However, in May 2015, the French government lifted a 19.75% stake in Renault's capital to prevent Nissan from abandoning its bid.

Using Nissan in November 2017, Ghosn managed to sell a 4.75% stake in the French company with Nissan. But there was a tenth part of the French executive Japanese group, its current 15.01%.

This relationship lasts until 1999. Nissan did not choose Renault's terms as they were unsuccessful. But in recent years, it has been Nicaragua who has preserved the balance of the French with a serious financial crisis that has complicated Europe. Last year Renault Group won $ 5.25 billion, with Nissan's share of $ 2.799 million. In 2016, Renault will have 3.543 million vehicles. The company has earned $ 1,638 million for Nissan.

In terms of sales, Nissan is in charge. Also, in October 2016, the Japanese purchased the third Alliance Mitsubishi airplane owned by 34%. On Monday, Mitsubishi Ghosn abandoned the president.

In 2017, 8.84 million vehicles were sold between two Japanese brands; Renault Group, $ 3.76 million

Condemned to understand

The Alliance is a synergy. If they are 5000 million in 2016 and 6000 in the past year, the plan will reduce the cost by 10 million in 2022. Both companies (and Mitsubishi) centralize buyers' suppliers, utility networks, supply chains and production.

In this latest industry, Daimler has another stakeholder with the Renault Nissan Alliance since 2014, which has a strategic contract. Only some examples. Mercedes Citan van is produced at Renault's French Maubeauge plant, which manufactures Nissan NV250. Daimler also manufactures Infiniti (Nissan Nissan) QX30 in Mexico. Or the Valladolid Motors factory produces small diesel engines of class "Mercedes A".

Renault Nissan has signed a contract with Google to replace Microsoft as a cloud service provider and software provider for 2021.

Renault and Nissan have more than 1,000 million venture funds to get new business opportunities for new mobility. Nissan company Leaf and Renault and Zoe are world leaders in sales of electric cars. The two companies are also useful because they can not come to an agreement.

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