Saturday , January 28 2023

Rinaldo Rueda warns: "This is a horrible way to get injured"


Rialdo Rueda celebrates the noisy day of the national team in Chile. Costa Rica defeat from 3 to 2, last Friday at the Ranqagua made Colombian red appearance bad and did not delay when the questions were coming He made some mistakes when he arrived in Temuco, who are standing on Sunday at the Bekker Stadium in Germany against Honduras.

However, despite criticism It is quiet when you live in Colombian Lo-Rozha and he accepts the mistakes he makes: "it is normal (critical). As I said on the first day, it is not easy and it is It is a very difficult task for everything that involves the selection. Nobody is skeptical, their work is not correctly understood. No technician wants to lose, we are looking for solutions, alternatives. If he is criticized, he will do the same. Part of this process and the dynamics of football. "

"It is normal after the disappearance and more in Chile, because this is the generation used for the victory. I can not speak not only players, but also children and young people. Perhaps some mature people have lived in Chile. This reaction is normal in the face of adverse effects, it is a profession and it is necessary to master it well, it will be returned to court. The result is our only support, "he said.

In addition, Reinaldo Rueda, who lives in the city of Red, to replace the Red Cross, "dOn the first day, as I said, this is a traumatic process, a palm. We need to rebuild trust, confidence, and look for alternative solutions in certain positions. In these games, we influence on this price and take responsibility. We do this and this is not easy. Achieving a goal, reaching a good level depends not only on our work, but also on the continuity of players in the club. Most of the reviewers can not achieve continuity through one or more factorsand the selection should not be objective to restore players, but we have to do it. "

«Everything goes through the level of players, and we have good Copa America, which gives us confidence and confidence to start Elimination well. This is a selection of all the occasions to succeed and achieve, we need to restore confidence, eliminate skepticism. The fan wants to get immediate results, but in all the processes it costs us. For example, in the Honduran Golden Cup, we abandoned Mexico and killed 42-year-old Isla Guadalup. Ecuador and Copa America In 2011 we were in a disaster, but we have been nominated for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which is in the top ten. Sometimes it is either possible or not to know if you can stay here. "

Finally, at the Honduran level, he "In South America, we are lacking in Central America. When I was in Honduras, I had five players in the Premiership, some of whom shared with Bejjur in Wigan. We do not appreciate Costa Rica, we have not been evaluated in Central America, and the problem on Tuesday will be as hard as Friday. "

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