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Santiago Ponzinibbio: "UFC says he is not a sport, he is ignorant"


Not the best UFC Argentina mixed martial arts critics Source: LA NACION – Credit: Anibal Greco

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Santiago Ponsimbibio

it is very important to understand that it is very important. He is from the beginning to the end of the battle, and the number of head injuries that he has suffered is that of a mixed martial arts (MMA): he has not suffered them. Top ten of the world's top ranking developers


Pigninibbio, 32, landed on this subbotnik for the first time in the country, started kickboxing in La Plata, jumped to Brazil, jumped to Brazil, and migrated to MMA, wildlife Vale Toudo. In contrast, UFC is a standard version that has strict rules and restrictions. However, the regular statement to Ponzinibbio is "this is not sport." The warrior who passed through the conversation cycle

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He says, "He does not know it." And on Saturday in an exciting fight against American Neil Magny, Park Roka invites unbelievers.

– How did it begin?

– I was interested in a ticket after kickboxing. I joined a group of friends who were fighting in Senar, Jiu-Jitsu and boxing. We learned information. Extremely self-taught, with our bags, everything is very dangerous, lungs. I'm still competing, I started fighting, but I won the six-level victory, so far, I thought, that this level is low. I went to Brazil. Today I live in Miami.

– How to explain MMA to people?

-Boxeo, kickboxing, Muay Thai. There are people from taekwondo who come from Karate, you have the most of the judo rings. There are also many people who come from Sambo – Russian. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is now adapting Japanese on the floor, is most effective. Today, many methods are Olympic sports and compete with former Olympic athletes. He is currently world champion, gold medalist and UFC world champion. I fought with Olympic athletes, jiu jitsu world champions.

– There are several Olympic sports in mixed martial arts but there is no sports federation that unites them. Is that a business there?

– In different countries, there are federations that regulate it, but we are far away from the Olympic Games, but many subjects are Olympic. But I see our sports games as we combine a series of martial arts and we are hoping. We fight in the United States, and we sell NBA as American football. In Brazil, MMA will appear after football. In Europe it is a success in the Middle East. It's a great event, a very well-designed, physically strong technical sport.

– You say you are engaged in sports, but many people say they kill themselves, and why do you answer them?

– If the majority of MMA courses are Olympic, how will it be sport? In addition, they talk about thousands of sports. It requires super-technical training, pressure, and intelligent preparation to know how to handle adrenaline. It's a very extreme sport, high performance and the most demanding in the world.

– What can you do to cope with all the blows you have received and what you give?

– They are years of schooling, when we prepare for it, we spend years and years preparing the body to take and beat us, usually someone learns. One develops technology, and there is a technique for both strike and defense. There are new rules for maintaining the physical integrity of athletes, so you can see it as a sport.

– But do you understand people who do not see it as a sport?

– I understand that people are free to talk about what they want, but I do not know because they do not know the technical level of sports and do not know the human side. There is a myth that everyone who comes here is foolish and aggressive. It's the opposite. I, for example, are very calm, very hardworking, so it is a very strong preliminary opinion. Sport brings up, changes, changes life. There are many social projects in Brazil with MMA, and in the country that is really like Argentina, the best thing to do is to engage in sports to start the salvation of young people who have good relationships with sports.

– MMA has a lot of fans, who are UFCs.

– People understand, know, know the soldier's side, see the advantages of sports, because it grows very high. If you're putting on the scale of sports and the number of blows on the scale, I can assure you that there is a minimum of shock. And something else: In high-end sports, at least, you break your own limitations, your body is in stress, demand, and are always looking for more. Anyway, high productive sports are not sport. It's a hit, and we're ready for that. When you leave the battle, it sometimes impresses you because of your blood, but it's really strong, but it goes away during the week.

– How do you recover? How long will you be ill?

– They are terrestrial, rare, you can break, it may be in any form of sport. They will hit you in football, they will warm you and break the fibula. This sport and the point, high performance sports and body are offered for your exhibition.

– You say MMA on TV is very good, but it's a live event.

– When you watch it on TV, you see it, and when you see it you become foolish. As you can see, it is true that you will experience adrenaline, screens, warriors, and candles.

– What do you think about McGregor and Mayweather when talking about the show?

– Of course, they fought for sport. I think this was the moral winner of McGregor as they fight boxing rules. He was able to continue his nine rounds to the best known warrior in history. It's not a circle if Mayweather is ready to fight MMA.

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