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Satellite images with InSight satellites


The Marco-V satellite is about six thousand miles from Mars. (NASA)

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The Marco-V satellite is about six thousand miles from Mars. (NASA)

The NASA first used successfully CubeSats A new door opens for a small planet spacecraft on Mars orbit.

The mission's landing mark InSight he was given Jet Motion Lab (JPL) NASA Through the passage of Californian state, two smaller ones CubeSats MarCO (Mars Cube One), launched on a missile such as InSight Mars. This is the first CubeSats to be sent to a deeper space.

After a successful series of communication and onboard navigation experiments MarCO The twin had the opportunity to get the transmissions at the entrance, take off and landing InSight, which was responsive to the mission's control.

InSight It will run until Mars, March 40, or Sun, until November 24, 2020. The objectives of two small missions MarCO he sent telemetry InSight they were completed after the Marian plane.

MarCO-B, one CubeSats, On the 26th of November, 2018, it received about six thousand miles of Mars.

"This is a big step forward for our robot explorers for the size of the portfolio," says Joel Kraievski, MarCO In JPL. "In my opinion CubeSats it has a great future beyond the Earth's orbit and the Marco team is glad to open the way. "

Director JPL, Said Michael Watkins CubeSats MarCO Experimental "opened a new door for small space astronauts". The success of these two unique missions is the honor of hundreds of talented engineers and scientists who work to make their talents and beautiful days. "

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Take the InSight rocket to Mars. Universal image.



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