Saturday , June 3 2023

Scientists Find Hidden Area in Our Mind (Video)


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Sometimes it looks like we human body It has been fully studied already, but in the end, there may be untouched angles. The scientists constantly analyzes our behavior the body identifies other areas that have not been studied thus. During execution brain of the atlas, that researchers have discovered a new area that has never been seen and has no other primates.

Responsible George Paksinos, A researcher and brain cartographer in the Neuroscience Research in AustraliaNeuRA). The brain was named Endorative nucleus and closer to consolidation hawthorn. Even though he could now see it, he was suspicious of his life more than 30 years ago.

Maybe that makes us special people.

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When we talk about us unique characteristics for example, not only the form of a monkey-type human body brain size. This is new brain region it does not exist in the Rezus monkeys who have been brainwashed. Perhaps this region is different from us Paxinos"This region makes people unique, including our people brain in large quantities. "

Depending on the location of the brain, it may be associated with the region engine functions, balance and position. It means progress in the fight against diseases Parkinson's. In fact brainstorm this scientist has been used for medical and scientific research, and therefore extends the existing information.

The discovery was published in the book of the scientist Man's advice: Ciarcharhitura, chemarchitecture, myelomorphology. His achievements contribute to the study of neurology and neurosurgery brain connections, an important goal in the past century.

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