Saturday , June 3 2023

Sergio Ramos and doubts about doping


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has appeared fight against doping anomalous strong corticoid, victory night Champions League In May 2017, it was upheld UEFA, According to the documents of football throwing, his medicines were allowed.

After the final anti-doping control of the player, the World Anti-Doping Agency (ANA) has found that there is a dysamethasone with strong corticosterone denied in competition. Ramos admitted that he was taking this product, but confirmed UEFA through intestinal injection.

But, according to reports Mediapart, the club's medical services did not properly replenish the medical form delivered to the controllers UEFAconfusing deacetazone available Betamethasone. According to the newspaper, the European body assessed "the player and the doctor have made mistakes". The World Anti-Doping Agency is criticized for the only partial corticosteroids (reduced tiredness and pain relief), as its definition does not always determine how the product is administered.

Real Madrid denies this

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos has denied the anti-doping rules of the Der Spiegel magazine in the latest discovery of the so-called "Football of Filter".

Weekly, Ramos has announced that he has not been tested fight against doping after the completion Champions League versus Juventus In 2017, while the captain of the Madrid team had to undergo a doping test after the game in April of this year in the Spanish league.

UEFA has also made a statement that "it has completely abandoned ungrounded allegations of hiding a positive outcome." He claims that AFP and FIFA have the right to challenge any decision made by UEFA against doping in the Sport Athletic Arbitration Court, but none have "filed such a complaint." UEFA has officially confirmed that UEFA is in compliance with all codes and has been properly resolved.

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