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She forgot her cellphone in her friend's house and found it untrustworthy: she created her on the network


We conducted inevitable arguments with spouses and became a part of romantic relationships from the very beginning of jealousy.

This, of course, is one of the worst traps in any field and, if coupled with the mood, this amount of money leads to an excellent blend of grief and pain.

This event in Argentina was an attractive topic on Twitter. It's about #PobreMarcelo Hashtag, where people are interested in the case of a woman who dismissed the guy after finding intelligent messages on his mobile phone.

Gabriela, the main hero of the story, in his Instagram, polo Marcelo Ceballos has shown that he left home in the morning and forgot his mobile device. Everything is normal here.

The problem is that she watched the content of her "love" phone and found out that by means of WhatsApp, Marseille made "pretty" with different women, who sent her photographs and videos to her, and they sent her there, all of them naked.

Gabriela was unable to be in a hurry and used her video as a catharsis to instill in her 15 seconds of confidence in Instagram.

Everything started with the following sentence: "I want to tell all of Instagram's daughters that Marcellito has forgotten my cellphone at home. Bad Marcelo! «.

What did the second one say?

The response was immediate, as mentioned above, at Instagram everything was abandoned: "In fact, I want to deny talking to her, I divorced her two months ago; on the other hand, when I saw this community, listened to the version and took part in it, I found it unfair that they violated my privacy. Anyone who talked to me.

See this message on Instagram

seeing the need first two months ago I want to deny that I'm with myself, but when I see this community, they only listen to the version of events and take part in it, I think they are unfair, and also they are breaking my personal life and talking with me Everybody insulted me and, in my luck, I was supported by my family and friends who know what kind of person I am and at the moment I support them. I regret many people who abuse my personal messages, and in my luck I work much more than their lives. Congratulations

Publication by Marcelo Ceballos (@ marceloo.ceballos)

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