Thursday , August 11 2022

Sony released a presentation for two Marvel movies – Radio Concierto


Projects are scheduled for 2020.

Sony wants to continue its work in the world A mysterious man There are two new projects by 2020.

Justin Kroll Wartner, a journalist on the way, believes that two new films will be released in the studio. July 10, 2020 and 2 October 2020

According to the information, there will be the first tape a completely new event, and the second payment will continue.

There is nothing to do about new projects, but all this shows Tom Hart's last hit, Walnut, I said I wanted to be a trilogy.

This is what the premiere of the July 2020 premiere this may be a movie Morbius is a living vampire, its loading process has already begun. In fact, actor Jared Leto has published his report Twitter he changed his mind to start production for the main role.

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