Thursday , August 11 2022

Soon they found the twin brother of the day


BUENOS AIRES (The Intratigent) – Long time persecuted, finally The sun. It is called the HD 186302, 184 years away, with the same chemical composition of the Sun and the same gas and dust that causes our star.

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Its discovery is described in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics was led by Vardan Adibikian, head of the Portuguese Astrophysics Institute. For many years, astronomers have sought the twins of the Sun as stars are "born in the same group of gas and dust that are added to hundreds and thousands of groups for gravitational instability," says Isabella Pagano of the Institute. Nacional de Astrofsica (INAF) in Sicily, Sicily. "In time, this pakho is the star of the dough and it's scattered".

Therefore, Adibekyan does not have any twins in the day, but many of them, by personalizing them, "help to understand where and under what circumstances it occurred in the galaxy." Researchers have studied about 20,000 stars accredited by the European Special Agency (ESA) on the GAIA satellite and have chosen the most similar to Sun. They include HD186302 size, temperature, composition, brightness, and space movement.

The star looks like 4.5 billion years ago, but researchers admit that other research is needed to better age. The next step is to search for starred planets. This discovery may have an impact on the search for life: "The only place in the world that knows how life evolves in the life of the sun. This means that all the dimensions, age, temperature, brightness, and chemical composition of the body are all elements of life that we know.

Therefore, according to experts, the planet that has the orbits around the stars that have the same Sun qualities can have the necessary living conditions on the planet.

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