Monday , June 14 2021

Spanish media show support for Vidal among Barcelona's "scared children" Football

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After canceling, Arturo Vidal he lives in his first luck as a player in the first months FC Barcelona, where he played as a starter in the last match for a few minutes, showing a positive game.

This current scenario differs from the very beginning, and it is not the owner, it is also concerned with the situation in social networks, and is in competition with the club, apart from the fans and the media. A great deal of "communication" can be one of the most valuable fans.

The Sport of the Catalan newspaper stated that "there are players on the duel on Sunday who are on the verge of waves for all fans. Oman Demeley and Arturo Vidal have taken the majority of the best vibrations against Villarreal,Barza's fans are targeted at Enfants (Children) Terribles.

On the average, there is another 'Frenchman's courage, greetings, and anarchy, which have raised doubts about his Debble, his game, and his behavior, among the stands in the former Dortmund something else, unexpected. And I like it"He adds," people come to blows, scripts and Oman, which is enough. It's a great ally in fans of "fun", "mistake" and "Barcelona"«

The demonstration of sport shows that Camp Nou has also been recognized by Chile 's effort, which is a discrete part of the technical section, it appeared to be everywhere and worked in defense. And there is more in this drought than in the long run. "

"It was a confirmation of recognition In Valverde he pushed him back and applauded him After Arthur Vidal's support, Everything has something to do with it, because it's a blessing for people"Close the environment.

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