Wednesday , October 5 2022

Steve Wozniak announces that Steve Jobs is proud of Samsung


In the TV interview.

Recently, Apple's founder, Steve Wozniak, has not retaliated against his former products and policies against his former company.

Now, the crazy genius has put flowers at the company's current position with CNBC:

In my opinion (Steve Jobs) today, the company is very satisfied with people and exceeds technology. Steve always did that. Users should be more important than technology itself. Technology must not be the victim and what can it do? You have to be able to live your life in the most human way.

As he progresses, he has come up with exciting opportunities for "other companies" (Samsung), but they are not innovative.

Debate re-opened, and the fanatics war is supposed. It may not be right or impossible, but it always leaves the older when it comes … it is definitely.

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