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Sugar that prolongs the growth of tumors, "Mannose"


Researchers have found that mannose can impair glucose to reduce the sugar consumption of cancer cells - photo: Pixabay

Researchers have found that mannose can impair glucose to reduce the sugar consumption of cancer cells – photo: Pixabay


The mannous sugar, can be a nutritional mixture Reduces tumor growth and improves chemotherapy effect ends laboratory tests in mice with many malignant tumors, one of the ways to understand how manneas should be assisted Cancer pain

Mannose is simply a natural sugar, which can be found in small quantities Variety of fruits and vegetableseg peaches, apples, oranges, juices, cabbage, broccoli or eggplant.

Cancer uses more glucose than normal and healthy tissues. However, it is difficult to control glucose levels in your body with diet. In this study, researchers have found that mannose can interfere with glucose to reduce sugar content. cancer cells

Kevin Ryan, a professor of the United Kingdom Beatson Cancer Research Institute, says: "Growth of tumors needs more glucose, so they need to limit the amount they can use and slow down oncologic diseases. that normal tissue needs glucose, so it can not be completely eliminated. "

In our study, we found the mannose dose blocking glucose sufficient to slow the growth of tumors in the mice, but it does not affect normal tissue. This is a preliminary study, but finding this awesome balance means that in the future future cancer treatment can be man-made for cancer patients without the damage of the overall health, "he adds.

The results of the work financed by Cancer Research UK and Worldwide Cancer Research have been announced on Wednesday at Nature.

The researchers first examined how the mice responded pancreas, lung or skin cancer When mannosis is used as drinking water and used as oral treatment. Addition of the mixture significantly reduced the growth of tumors and did not have a significant adverse effect.

Improve chemotherapy effects

To check how manneas can affect it treatment of oncological diseases, mice were treated with cisplatin and doxorubicin, the most widely used chemotherapy drugs. They improve the effect of mannea chemotherapy, Reduction of tumor growth, Reduce the tumor size and increase the lifespan of some mice.

Other types of oncological diseases were also studied leukemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer and intestines. Scientists have grown cancer cells in the laboratory and then mannose to see if their growth has affected them. Some cells responded well to treatment, and others did not. Also, the presence of a mannose-destroying enzyme in the cell was a good indication of how effective the treatment was.

Our next step is to examine what treatment is working in some cells to determine why patients are exposed to these methods. We try to identify people with early mannequine clinical trials as a new treatment against cancer, "says Prof. Kevin Ryan. He believes that mannos in cancer patients.

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