Nintendo There was no positive month in October. According to the latest NPD report, the Nintendo Switch lowered sales in the lower part of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October, but this situation will change the last months of the year thanks to two important releases.

After identifying emergency numbers Leave the PokemonI think it is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It does not lag behind amazing numbers. The Japanese company reported this the game has broken all backups on the Nintendo Switch, as well as overfulfilment of the franchise delivery.

Unfortunately, they were unable to share the reservation number, so we know after launch. As you've seen on Twitter, they have been offering news new advance including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can already see the comments in the international press.

Super Smash Bros. This was a very important source of income for Nintendo. Masahiro Sakurai's work in 1999 captured millions of people after Nintendo 64. Cutting edge available today is the most ambitious delivery, includes many content to make fans happy.

76 characters and 103 scripts are available from the starthowever, others will be embedded using the content you download. Also, for the first time, they combine the player with 28-hour music. There are 900 franchisee songs in the game. When the portable console is in the Sleep mode, you can play content when it's a great addition to fans. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Available on December 7th.

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