Tuesday , September 28 2021

The 12-year-old girl is in the "mentality" of Vigna del Mardi

One Up to 12 years old and two adults Sunday, after a gunshot wound at least eight frames A 29-year-old man and an 21-year-old woman Viña del Mar in Reñaca Alto.

PDI murder team commissar Victor Janets "ItDivide the ballistic effect on your face. There is no kinship with a minor relative, relative, or relative. "

Speaking about the relationship between authors and adults,It has become known on behalf of the victims, especially in the case of two minors I accidentally walked and there It will have the effect of a ballistic gun ".

Girl was at risk of life He was hit by an explosion at the Carlos Wang Bourg Hospital in Valparaiso.

The doctor Mauricio Cancino, Deputy Medical Director, Buenos Aires Base HospitalShe was stabilized in the emergency room and immediately moved to the pavilion. «

«It offers large bleeding and was replaced by a predictable outcome for the pediatric ICU, "he said.

Both of the adult adults were named SAMU Viña del Mar and emergency department at the Gustavo Fricke hospital they are life-threatening.

In the investigational plane, PDI does not exclude that this was the result of previous conflicts or another reason for drug abuse and who searches the weapon after looking.

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