Wednesday , June 7 2023

"The Catillan is not Pinera Caval, because it does not break its foundation"


Photographer: Rafael Sierra P.

Political analyst at the University of Adolf Ibanaz and Professor Cristobal Belloli confirmed that this was the moment when Luiz Mayol was leaving La Araucanía. "He was a dead man."he is asking for a broader discussion of the situation with the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, the strongest political crisis that has hit the government and the opposition.

– Did Chadwick become the Minister after Michael's resignation?

– In my opinion, the government used it as a shield of human blood and the blood did not reach the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today, this fuse jumped, so the Minister of Internal Affairs seemed to be more or less. The government believes that the release of Mayol will satisfy the opposition's political responsibility. This situation can be seen, but the government has argued that such a situation was not immediately and quickly resolved before similar situations. If you look at it, it's not a lie.

– What can we expect from the Interpellation?

– In my opinion, the President says that this is a constitutional model of commenting to state ministers. We can degenerate the interpretation. That is what I said I think the opposition does not have a place to try something else. Frente Amplio (FA) ruled out some of the charges, and they were not successful. The problem is: Are you trying to get Chadwick inadequate to the pool? The reason would be that the constitutional allegations would appear after the interrogation. DC has already pointed to Meal, saying, "We have come to this day".

Q: Do you think the opposition will try to use Katrina, or will it look for the bottom profile, considering its conflict?

– FA is at this intersection, on the one hand, believes that the new majority has a glass roof. Not only the government of Pinera that persecuted the people of Mapuche, but also his argument. In most new cases, they solve the problem of the past; they must strive for responsibility that is not imposed on them.

– We hear the government's answers.

– Yes, and I think La Moneda is right. Now, as Mirko Macari said, the government won two votes: doves and doves. I had the impression that the doves had beaten the right key, because if you look at two Alfredo Moreno and Hernan Larry is ready to admit that he has purchased an incorrect option and should go to the end.

"If brothers Chadwick and Wilde, what happens to Moreno, who is going to change the conversation with the people of Mapou?"

– To change history, we have to double the rate, because the original rate was the plan of the Arawana, because history is the basis of all rights to that government. Today, the Moreno Chancellor's theory of individual lines, which is a favorite theory, was low. Moreno acquired the theory of private roads in La Araucania. That is, on the one hand, the carrots of the plan of Araucania and the gargoyle of the jungle commander. Today it is impossible. Now, I think the government is ready to give up. Not bad, he thinks it's not bad, he needs a voter club. Anyway, if you do not give the headset, you will refuse to rewrite relationships with people in Mapuche.

– Can the catillery business be the Kaval of the Pinera government?

– Of course, The State of Cracow is the most serious crisis in the government, which is far more than Rajas' business, but it is not necessarily Cañera de Piñera. The president of Cavalli has undermined confidence in the Middle and Lower layers of Bache. His capital will be destroyed with Caval. "So you, Michel?" We thought you were different. It was a psychological process by the Bachelor's voters. I do not know how many people on Pineri 's election were betrayed by the government. In fact, I have the right to have antimapular discourse, I can say, I think it is dangerous to comment on it. I did not say what Piñera voters are doing because of Catrillanca and "you sold me, Sebastian." On the contrary. Most of them stay in touch with the club. I think Piniera is Caval because he does not break his support base.

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