Saturday , April 1 2023

The championship leaders recognize that he wants to go to U


The Palestinian bombardman admitted, "For me and my dad, he will be a fan of support."

The Palestinian National Tournament did not have a good year because it fought two days before. The tetracroller box was made by Guillermo Soto or Mathias Campos Lopez.

Next year, this is the latest in Chilean University interest. Having scored 13 goals in the forward of the team "Audios Italiano", he rose as one of the rebels. The attacker admitted to Radio Agriculture that he wanted to go to a blue box, depending on several species, but he focused on the colony.

"I'm like every player, I want to go farther than I have. But I can easily get it. There are those who have heard about the future of my life in Palestine. For me and my dad, he would be a fan of U and a good gift. "

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