Tuesday , October 4 2022

The decline in Bitterline was not due to the BTC Ponzi scheme of $ 3 billion


Bitcoin's lower price (BTC) Bitcoin's $ 3 billion Chinese Ponzi scheme has not been triggered by the sale of PlusToken, researchers from the TokenAnalyst cryptographic firm said.

Cryptanalysis: PlusToken can not be the cause

As Bloomberg reports on August 15, the founder of Cryptocurrency Analysis in London, Sid Sechar, said the sales of Bitcoins by PlusToken operators may not be the reason for the recent decline. prices.

In particular, the company has not been able to find any evidence that PlusToken has substantially reduced Bitcoin to any known stock exchange address. Chekhar:

"None of these addresses is the stock exchange. […] That was the kind of education. We pay attention to seeing hundreds of millions of people go to the stock exchange at any moment. "

Disputed claims

The finds are based on the latest claims by Dovey Wan, a founder of the Primitive Ventures investment company based on suspicious blockbuster PlusToken's Bitcoin.

However, TokenAnalyst analyzed transactions in the Bitcoin block of PlusToken and determined that thousands of Bitcoins online mixes were sent to determine currency origin.

Shekhar added that most of the swindlers' money was sent to mixed services about a month ago.

As reported in Cointelegraph in July, Vanuatu, Pacific Ocean Pacific, has been extradited to China by six Chinese citizens who were detained during the investigation.

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