Thursday , August 11 2022

The dollar in today's Chile – Diario Fianencero


After the operation, the exchange rate is estimated at $ 675.3, which was $ 1.7 per yesterday.

The fall in copper prices and the new threats of commercial warfare have affected Chilean pesos in the morning, but the Brazilian realm's counterparts in the region had a negative impact on the trend, so the dollar on the local market was down.

Upon completion of operations, the exchange rate was estimated at $ 675.3, which is 1.7 times lower than yesterday's.

In general, the international financial scarcity is reflected in the global financial resources and the multilateral dollar, that is, the price of the referral currency against the basket of currencies – by 0.32%

It is said that the commercial tensions between the United States and China are at the center of the market, after President John F. Tramp said he could introduce additional tariffs for Chinese imports.

In addition, the copper port price drop was against the national peso. Commercial noise led to a decrease in Metal Prices at the London Metal Exchange by 1.22%, amounting to $ 2.79 per pound.

However, after an hour, the Latin American currency began to rise in the block. Because? The Brazilian central bank's involvement with the auctions in the US dollars to protect the currency provided real growth. At the same time, the reference currency will increase by 1.17%.

It has had a strong impact on the currencies of the region, which is the basis for local operators, ignoring the general pressure. Among the major currencies of the region, which is currently the only one not to rise, the Peru day, it is noticeably reduced.

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