Saturday , June 19 2021

The first baby was born through a donated uterus transplant – Vida Actual – Latest updates from Uruguay and the World

A Brazilian woman who had a donated transplant uterus was born in the first successful case with this procedure, doctors reported.

The Lancet magazine, which was published in a medical journal, was linked to the roots of the donor's umbilical cord, as well as the inclusion of arteries, ligaments, and vaginal channels.

Dead donors in the United States, the Czech Republic, and Turkey arise after transplantation is over 10 years old.

In a Brazilian girl, she slept 2.55 pounds (about six pounds) in her congenital femoral section, 35 weeks and three days, according to an example from the Lancet magazine.

A doctor at the University of Sao Paulo Brazil in Brazil, Dani Ezzenberg, said in September 2016 that transplantation performed at the age of 32 could provide technology and infertility. Access to large groups of potential donors.

The current rate of uterine transplantation is a member of a living family, ready to donate an organism.
"After the death of the body, the number of people who have prepared and adopted donations is much greater than that of donors," Ezerenberg said.

However, he said that the outcome and outcome of maternal and donor donations from the living and deceased donors have not yet been compared, and that the technique is still being cleaned and optimized.

Five months after transplantation, Eisenberg's team wrote, did not have abortion marks, normalized with ultrasonography, and became a permanent parent of the recipient. Previously, the female fertilized and frozen eggs were implanted seven months later and 10 days later confirmed that she was pregnant.

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