Sunday , April 2 2023

The Gala-Ghost Release After Bad Milk Criticism


According to her style, Gala-Calirola publishes daily diary stories through social networks. There he shares his photographs with his followers "Huaso" Isla and is known for his daughter, Luz Elif.

Thus, in Spanish, thousands of users are constantly exposed to positive or negative comments on the virtual platform. However, there was someone who broke the former truth girl.

That is why he has made it clear in his publication, Instagram. "Chilean women, if we work as a worker, there is no time to be called gala at the gym," he says, surpassing Gala.

"Is a 1-year-old woman's mother an employee? I wrote this comment and came to her mother and said, "Mom, you gave me life, did you try to calm my mind even if you were sleeping for a thousand nights? When I opened my eyes, I woke up and woke up, even if you were gone, I started the day… I was worried about the purity of my breakfast, food, meals, and meals, giving me some medicines, and giving you a lot of love when I get sick, "he said.

Finally, Gala raised the role of mother and sent all powerful messages. «Being a mother is the most challenging task because no one can teach you how to do it, graphs or laziness, so go and ask your mother: did I do a lot of work? Think about those who believe that their upbringing women still do not work. Especially women who devote their genes to such training and insightful thoughts, "he concluded.

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