Monday , June 5 2023

The Government has included a plan for a probe into armed forces to avoid contractile relatives


After the CHV Noticias report, former FACh commander Jorge Robles Mella found that his son had been hired to hire an institution. Inclusion of the Armed Forces into the Probability Plan for Government Officials.

The recently accepted congressional project, he strives to avoid senior commanders of the Armed Forces. They can hire their relatives.

Chief officers of the Armed Forces and hierarchical levels of discipline and public security forces, ministers of the Supreme Court, Director of the Administrative Corporation of the Ministry of Justice, Public Prosecutor of the Ministry of Public Order, the Republic and the Head of the Sub-Border Control heads of relatives working in public administration bodies should pass through the preparation of the Report of the Supreme Council of the State"Said the document.

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On the other hand, the initiative thinks about it FF.AA. to ensure that bills are explicit and measurable.

This means The Commanders of the Armed Forces shall quarterly submit to the Minister of Defense and the Audit Committee of the Ministry of Defensebudget execution, human resources, financial analysis, procurement and state contracting, management oversight and internal audit.

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