Tuesday , June 6 2023

The Government will again determine whether the compensation will not be paid for a few years


Following the criticism from Central Unitaria de Trabajadores and many other unions, the government has again questioned whether changes to the service or contractual maturity are due.

Labor Minister Nicholas Monkeyser denied the abolition or abolition of this provision, but demanded that the second recommendation be made. compensation for any event, In the next draft Labor Reform Project. Executive idea, workers can solve both options.


Discussions on this topic were discussed at the last technical roundtable, which was developed by Executive Experts and Lawyers; while the other is multigremial, but Barbara Figueroa did not participate in the KVN.

After completion of the business portfolio this morning, President of the National Labor Union (SNB), Segundo Stylin, The goal is not to address the issues that need to be addressed in the previous administration reform and further discussion.


Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Chile Manuel Agosin and a group of expert group members discussed the issue of making a second compensation offer for the service complex.

The physician first raised the need aspects of learning, labor mobility, and, in particular, current unemployment insurance.


However, the Government's demands are an increase in unemployment insurance payments, changes in the compensation system, which will be settled on Thursday and Friday the next week.

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