Wednesday , June 23 2021

The judge accused Pizarreno of malignant neoplasms caused by asbestos | National

The seventeenth Civil Court of Santiago, Pistarreno, Socialist Industrialist a $ 125,000,000 will pay compensation The spouse and children of the company's cement plant, died in May 2016 after the asbestos died from stomach cancer.

Judge Rocio Perez Gamboa said that the pathology of the victim had developed vegetation minerals He was wound up in the asbestosement industry located in the municipality of Maybju and his father's dirty clothes worked in the company.

According to the verdict, the death of Giuliet Berndal Trigon "in May 2016, resulting in exposure to asbestos (…) Atmospheric air pollution, as well as asbestos in the house, is in the house of his father in working clothes, he washed it at home because the company is alienating the system for washing such contaminated clothing. "

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