Monday , September 27 2021

The last dream Rene O. "Ryan has been married for several months before his death

On Saturday, December 29, a former instructor of the Plato program died. Renee Orian, which for a long time a stomach cancer

The "instructor" was always positive at the time of illness. In addition to closely watching your treatment, He also tried alternative medicine, not the second time with a towel.

Thanks to this powerful and positive attitude, he continued his life as if nothing happened. She even took the time to do one of her dreams, 10 months ago: with parachute.

That is how the couple, the plane landing began and they shared their Facebook account.

Here are some of the few dreams to watch for each other:

Facebook Rene O & # 39; Ryan

Facebook Rene O & # 39; Ryan

Facebook Rene O & # 39; Ryan

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