Wednesday , June 23 2021

The last story 2 and an explanation for the "Metroid Prime Trilogy" list –

The day of the game, one of the most popular events of the year, Game Award in 2018, it is normal for all rumors to appear, trying to predict what will be the main prize in the gala. Unfortunately, not all rumors have been made, and some are liars.

So rumors are about to be recently Last 2 Events, Based on the screenshots of the Internet that showed the MediaMarkt Germany, warning that it is developing for Nintendo Switch.

However, Direct Feed Games checked Listing has never been registered with Mediamarkt, so the image seems to be false for spying. We have acknowledged that the list is not found on the web, depending on the feature list Assassin's Creed compilation for Replacement So we can remove those words before we mean that we are sharing with you.

Recently, we have provided you with news about a Swedish salesman called Inet Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo connector, a gaming cap and its official logo. The person who found this list updated After a thorough investigation, his original conclusion came to an end that the list was published only in the store.

The user translates the description into English and states:

We hope this product will be displayed in gaming rumors just starting with the beginning of 2019 (February).

However, this does not exclude the possibility Metroid Prime Trilogy I graduated Nintendo connectorThis, of course, is not a sign of thinking.

Let us recall that Game Award in 2018 Will be held on December 6 Nintendo He stated that he would take part in the event, and we would be careful to keep all the information up to the moment you share it with us, even if we do not know the details of his plans.

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