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The "Single Day" shortens the distance between China and Latin America


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The "Single Day" shortens the distance between China and Latin America

Li Xiaoxio, a correspondent for the daily newspaper "People's Daily" in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, 11/12/2018 (The People Online) – During the "Singular Day", Chinese consumers are in high demand, such as cherries, cherries, wine cakes and wine. On the other side of the world, Chilean netizens also studied the Chinese Singles Day from the very beginning. Mobile phones and planes are the most popular products among local consumers.

Chilean media reported that the Day of Unity was a day of anticipation for many who wanted to buy online. AliExpress will provide Alibaba 50% discount for all types of goods, most of which will be shipped free of charge. Among them, mobile phone brands such as Lenovo and Huawei have organized very attractive events for consumers in Chile. The airplane is also a major characteristic of consumers in Chile and the advantages of price and shipping are evident. There are always toys, clothes, decorations and all the gifts that are available on the Chinese trading platforms.

Last year, a 23-year-old Brazilian boy, called André, sold 250,000 million yuan on the Singles Day. Young Brazilians wearing dresses purchased on Chinese websites every day "Day of the Year" is a good time. "Chinese ease differs from Brazil, and Chinese websites are competitive.

Prepaid, coupons, red envelopes, task assignments and … Gold Money in Chile Consumers save money and warn several strategies in a few ways to pay for their purchase. The Brazilian mass-media has published articles "What to Buy" which helps local consumers to choose the "Day of the Bachelor".

Chilean expert in e-commerce Gabriel Moreno in November launched many Internet advertising commercials, but China's e-commerce platforms are attractive: "You can find products available there and at the same time, many payment methods and various shipping channels make Chinese E-commerce platforms more comfortable. «

Latin America is the fastest-growing ecommerce market outside the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese genius of e-commerce speaks of a "key moment of opportunity" for e-commerce development in Latin America. Brazil is the largest e-commerce market in Latin America, accounting for 42% of Latin America. Currently, e-commerce agreements have been signed between Alibaba and Latin America, and trade has spread to many Latin American countries such as Chile and Brazil.

Latin American countries are continually improving their online logistics infrastructure, promoting cross-border electronic commerce, and promoting the development of foreign trade as a driving force for the development of industries such as agriculture, livestock and industry. services and retail industry in Latin America to achieve economic diversification. Many Chinese ambassadors and representatives in China expressed hope for the development of their development strategies and the construction of the "Strip and route" in countries at the China and Latin American Ambassadors' Forum in Chile in January this year. In addition to the development of appropriate development strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean and the promotion of "Roads and Roads", electronic commerce, such as cross-border electronic commerce, promotes economic and commercial exchanges between Latin American and Caribbean countries, and between Latin America and China, helping people achieve good results.

People's Diary (November 12, 2018, Edition 21)

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