Monday , September 27 2021

The sixth shade of gold shines

Oracle Arena did not understand what was happening. Initially the minutes of these forces were dutiful, and the minutes became more and more violent. Lebron James came to Golden State for the first time with Lakers. After the game, there was no good memory for the soldiers.

It was not surprising to see 101-127 scores last Wednesday when it was 21 minutes to go to the court and James won. It is not surprising that news about the NBA champion twice has already shown signs of obsolete campaign, even though he is in high places, as he is the worst season in the house with Steve Carr. In the defeat, the soldiers lost 11 matches without losing the host to the Los Angeles team.

Steven Currie and DeMarkus Cousin's injuries were at a low level and helped testify to the unknown game of Oracle Arena in a debate with Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. In the current season, Golden State has lost four times in the home with over 20 points, all in November and December. Milwaukee, Oklahoma, Toronto and Leicers. "Those who suffered defeat have been defeated, and it's hard to swallow," explained Currie Christmas. In the past four years, as Kerr Coach, this difference was only two.

Having won 13 defeats from home or farther, they will be deployed in 2015/16. Together with Kerr, after finishing the runners, they lost nine times in the next round. They are close to 15 people who suffered in 2014-15 and 2016-17, and won the champions. Of course, for silence, they could not defeat the last season, 24 parties, and they are monarchs.

The end of the year was not good for the "Golden State". Over the past two months, they have focused on the worst riders of the current championship. His poorly loose streak had four games, until they won the Trail Blazers.

Challenges of fighting, internal conflicts and the withdrawal of warriors are challenged. Certain features of the deadlock do not work in the champion's climate. Of course, in domestic drama: "The current situation is much more difficult than before. All this, we try to overcome it, and we will improve, "says Kerr, with experience.

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