Friday , June 18 2021

The Supreme Court upholds the cryptocrats and approves the closure of Orionx accounts

The decision is made because the cryptocrats "have no regulatory framework" and can be given for illegal purposes.

The Chilean Supreme Court referred to the crypto-codec operators' action signs when closing their bank accounts. In particular, he made a decision on the conflict between BancoEstado and Orionx.

According to the decision issued by DF, the bank's decision to close the Orionx account is illegal or voluntary, as the Santiago Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. Why? Not all criticisms are criticized:

Purchase and sale of virtual currencies and cryptanese currencies, such as Etot, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin, include algorithms, in particular the absence of physical representation, as well as internal value – commonly defined and controlled by a group of decentralized users using the Internet Bitcoin protocol support from a government or company, and there is no regulatory framework for financial transactions with them at present "

An offer does not have a regulatory legal framework to try to prevent the bank and its products from complying with the legal requirements and to withdraw it from a regulatory entity. money laundering or other potentially dangerous acts of terrorism financing.

Prior to that, Orion said:

Orion regrets the unfavorable decision of the Supreme Court today and does not share the arguments that this organization has based on its decision to challenge the defense. Orion wants to explain that this decision does not require closing the current bank accounts of the company. Because, according to the Court's Decree on Free Trade Protection, there are preventive measures that prevent banks from closing the above-mentioned accounts.

In the world of cryptographers, fake ICO, money laundering, coupler schemes, pumps and drainage schemes, etc. such as illegal actions, at another time. Please check this alert.

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