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The unemployment rate in September-November reached 6.8 percent

The unemployment rate in September-November was 6.8 percent, an increase of 0.3 percentage points over the same period last yearNational Institute of Statistics (INE) on national employment issues.

According to the government agency, this indicator increased by 0.9 percent, while those employed during that period increased by 0.5 percent.

At the same time, the unemployment rate in June was at 7.1 percent, the level of the former moving quarters.

In comparison with the corresponding quarter of the last year, 0.5% of the employed were healthcare (7.6%), construction (3.4%) and transport (4.1%).

On the other hand, the main reduction (-5.9%), trade (-1.5%) and households (-5.2%) are concentrated on employers.

The number of civil servants (2.8%) and private (0.5%) professional categories influenced the expansion of workers. On the other hand, self-employed personnel did not change, and internal services (-3.9%) fell.

INE recognizes the limitations of the study

Ine previously admitted restrictions in the questionnaire, so she asked for cautious data, so 159,000 tenge were created with payroll jobs in 2017

Labor Inspector Fernando Arab He pointed out that these latest data are more accurate.

"As the Ministry of Labor, we are convinced that INE data traditionally relates to a questionnaire used to announce the unemployment rate, but we believe that we have to publish parallel administrative data that are more accurate, objectively relevant, and labor market information, he said.

"By 2018, 175,000 new contributors have been added to our official market, with administrative data providing pensions, Only 43 thousand people were registered on the same date last year, "he said.

There is a difference in comparison with the pension assignment data, as in 2018 42,000 jobs were created in the InEU.

Many jobs are created, but the workforce grows

In addition, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Gabriela Mistral University, Erik Haindl, According to him, the majority of the workplaces will increase the number of job-seekers, which can double the number of unemployed.

"It is observed that wage-earners are growing faster than the number of INEs, and that the Central Bank's labor force and the labor force are not clearly evaluated," said, "while using sample census data, such as plaintiffs, expert.

"But because the workforce is growing faster than we have, we have a large number of unemployment, which is almost twice as much as the INE survey,he said.

In the other indicators, InE also showed industrial production that only grew by 0.4 percent, resulting in a decline in production and mining, which suggests weak Imacec in November.

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