Thursday , August 18 2022

The woman has lost three teeth: she complained about social networking at the supermarket "Temuco" to the client for attacking a security guard


The casualties triggered social sharing on Facebook, where a wounded woman was beaten by a security guard inside the Temuco supermarket.

In the shared registry Cristel Danielle, you see a woman sitting on the floor, spitting things around and pouring blood around her, and the above-mentioned watchman, who is seen in the film, has been blamed for the attack.

"It was in Santa Isabel de Booles, when he beat that woman with her teeth and her teeth broken, she was stolen and looked at the video because she was pregnant. I go to the league and do not share this to help the woman, I was there and the pictures were strong" – says the video.

It was in Isla del Inglés, it was hit by a woman with a wound, three of which broke her teeth because she was pregnant, she was stolen, and they watched a video that tells her that she will not give her anything to help her. I was there, and the pictures were strong

Posted by Kristhel Danielaa on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Located in Bulnes Street in Temuco, officials from the supermarket are trying to help the woman when she leaves the witnesses and asks them to stop recording, and calls cars to explain the facts.

The official Twitter account of the Santa Isabel Supermarket has reported that an internal investigation has begun and "relevant protocols have been added to strengthen our guards' behavior."


Registration has caused a stroke among users in social networks that condemned the behavior of the watchman and the violence against women, even though they were soon to commit crimes.

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